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tv   [untitled]    December 23, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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dot com. well the. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. today's news in the week's top stories egypt's new constitution inscribing islamic law looks set to pass tonight as most voters seemingly back draft in a referendum preceded by weeks of fierce protests we've got the latest on that story also. the day that starts bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun the gun lobby logic that's incensed millions of americans calling for tougher controls as the country pays its final trip to the infants in the teachers killed in last week's shooting massacre. i for now i moscow moves
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a step closer to banning americans from adopting russian children in response to washington slapping sanctions on russian officials. and wiki leaks prepares for a new year revelation is due to the sounds promises more than a million secret files will leave no governments around the world. live from the r.t. new center in h.d. widescreen welcome to a round over the top stories of the last seven days with me kevin and first egyptians have had their say in the storage vote on their new constitution that revealed deep divisions within the country violent protests the majority appear to have said yes this evening to the islamist drafted document but the opposition claims the referendum is riddled with fraud and is demanding an inquiry first off
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his care of those journalists bell true. the preliminary results are in for egypt's contentious constitutional referendum egypt appears to voted for the constitution sixty four percent say yes. thirty six percent have said no this comes after mass to send in the streets across the country with the cost three weeks against this constitution opposition forces say force a presidential dictatorship and was drafted by an islamist dominated assembly of the twenty seven governors that went to vote in the last week only three voted against the constitution. this in the last round is largely due to the fact that in the last seventeen governors they went to vote a large amount of them are rural governorates who with large muslim brotherhood supports places their opposition forces for their part say that the reason it is a yes is because of electoral violations they say they've seen a number of instances a possible vote rigging including missing judges as their own supervised polling
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stations missing ballot papers stuffed ballot boxes and also campaigning by the muslim brotherhood groups also. conservative salafist groups with in the polling stations telling people to vote yes the biggest news of the day however is the resignation of the vice president mohamed mackey this is largely seen to be perhaps because in the draft constitution as it currently stands there is no post for the vice president this comes in the background of deepening violence across the country on friday we saw clashes between rival protest groups limits rallies in egypt second city exams in support of the constitution there was rock throwing and also burning of cars the police had to intervene with tear gas that comes just one week after similar clashes and xandra and of course three weeks after very bloody scenes here in the capital cairo resort ten people dying when rivals. for outside
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the presidential palace with a deepening political crisis in neither side backing down now the constitution is likely to be put in place we can only expect dissent on the streets and possible violence across the country. true reporting there were a god some reaction to the preliminary referendum results from opposition with howard from the. party a party headed by mohamed el baradei he told me allegations of vote rigging must be investigated this constitution and this rope around is a disgrace to a nation that farts hard for its freedom and for its right it's a document that rips out all the for all the rights that we have and tried to constitute a dictatorship and it has been taught by a referendum that was a massive massive rigging for the ballot boxes massive rigging for the voice of the people basically see tens and hundreds of schools tens and hundreds of schools
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where the ballot boxes and the referendum process was taking place at a convenient time when the voices were very when all the polls saw that the people were voting no the power was cut off the muslim brotherhood the. judges and employees in that school shut down the school over. the front of the voters and the state with the ballot boxes not overseas for hours and hours we do not recognize any results unless we see a proper investigation and a proper digging through this evidence that we've received a proper answer from from the high committee of elections it's been heartbreaking week of wells in newtown connecticut where all twenty children six adults have been laid to rest now after one of the worst mass shootings in american history the massacre reignited fierce debate on gun laws which critics say make it too easy for the public to access military grade weapons he's going to teach you can whether america is ready to change its treasured second amendment. a week after the tragedy
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at the elementary school in newtown president obama made the same pledge as when he became president four years ago to try and get assault weapons off the streets of the u.s. it's a pledge he has failed to deliver on this is not the first issue the first incident really gun violence of your four years. where if you think the administration indicates this time it's different this time they're serious it will take commitment and compromise and most of all it will take coach shooting this bullet it's a it's an important part of our hearing the debate taking place at the moment suggests a national consensus on the issue is far down the line and the dialogue between those who support and those who oppose such a ban comes down to this with guns comes safety if the guns are in the hands of the good guys that you know believe the stupid man and the powerful special interest group in washington the national rifle association has successfully fought any form
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of gun control legislation for years and the solution they offer to the epidemic of gun violence that has plagued the us is more guns. the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun constitutional lawyer roger pilon things along the same lines and suggest arming teachers to prevent massacres like the one in newtown connecticut you're always going to have people who are going to be doing these kinds of evil deeds what you need to do is protect yourself against the more weapons in schools and you go to a movie theater you have to carry a gun because there will be there maybe someone with a semiautomatic you know wiping out the entire theater. as we have seen is that where you're suggesting. where do you put it provoking to flee like that
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what i'm suggesting people movie theater just because the police cannot be everywhere there almost three hundred million privately owned firearms in the us around ten thousand americans die in gun violence every year the gun murder rate in the us is almost twenty times higher than in the next twenty two richest and most populous nations combined. we have three hundred million guns in america but also the population of three hundred million people so it's one gun per person and it's more guns are actually the solution to deterring shootings that many try it would have this problem in the first place the gun adam lanza used to kill twenty young children and six adults of the sandy hook elementary school was an a r fifteen semiautomatic rifle it's a military style rifle that can shoot hundreds of rounds at a record speed in the last two adams mother who he also murdered nancy lanza
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a teacher at the same elementary school owned six guns numerous types of assault weapons are readily available for purchase in the us at gun stores at gun shows and online after the newtown tragedy many americans are calling for change again. make it inherently make it worth something we could meet. because you can't create change previous meaningful attempts to change a wall and that wall is the second amendment of the constitution the right of the people to bear arms skeptics say the most devious regime can do is require background checks at gun shows but again adam lanza's mother a teacher at an elementary school would have probably passed any of those checks and her military style rifle would have ended up in the hands of her son anyway that constitutional lawyer i spoke to seemed very certain that nothing major is going to change when it comes to gun laws in america does that mean more massacres like the tragedy in newtown in washington i'm going to check on. judging by your
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feedback over the last week we know it's a story you feel strongly about as well. we're asking you what you think can be done to reduce the number of gun deaths in the united states is what i've been telling you so far the most alone by the way thirty five percent of you telling us the media should be forbidden from overhyping massacres it always makes the headlines slightly fewer say nothing to be done while the second amendment is in place about a fifth of you telling us that. new gun laws and restrictions you think of the way forward ten percent of you propose increasing security in public places you have your say it out tito cong.
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but a series a tit for tat moves to moscow washington this week the restrictions to stop americans adopting russian children reproved by russia's lower house of parliament which then saw the white house in washington under pressure public pressure to consider sanctions on russian lawmakers the ban passed in moscow which is also split russian public opinion is part of why the legislation meant to target those who abuse the rights of russians abroad it was sparked by washington imposing travel and financial restrictions on russian officials suspected of involvement in the death of lawyers get magnitsky he died in custody during a massive tax fraud investigation three years ago president putin though says the u.s. should look at its own record before criticizing others for human rights violations . our u.s. or partners and their lawmakers say they're concerned about human rights in our prisons and that's fine of course but there are plenty of issues they have themselves abu ghraib and guantanamo where for years people have been detained without charge it's inconceivable to prisoners walk around in chains like in the
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middle ages legalized torture inside their own country if something like that happened here it would cause an international outcry if it all remains quiet in the u.s. we've heard plenty of promises to close guantanamo but it's still there it's still operating maybe there is still torture going on there secret cia prisons has anyone been brought to account and they're pointing at our problems well thank you we're aware of that making this the ground for passing anti-abortion laws it's something absurd and we have a no way provoked such action. or president putin's comments came during his first major news conference since returning to the kremlin we invite you to watch the highlights of that q. and a on air again here that later on today and more news to after this short break .
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looking at some dogs you simply do not believe they come speak and goodness how they can wrong oh. it's an international sled dog race with those driving the dogs. coming from as far away as a strength in canada and the us i come to russia and everybody is so very friendly they welcomed me with open arms and the scenery is so beautiful it's very much like a laska and so i felt at home the first blood joke was brought here from us straight here now let's try and come to this remote russian village to take part in the race it's not surprising they love it this trail are amazing but even more amazing is the story of how racing first started here atoll it wasn't the top . grazing who set the trail of place but a nun and for all phones who brought their dia to life. five years ago mother
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pressed care of a bill to dog kennel in the village kids from the local open age came around to take care of the dogs and one day they state their life might seem extreme to some the boys wake up at six to feed the dogs before school in the evening they spend up to three hours training their four legged friends but mother perske have also encourages her kids to become dab hands on the computer and internet the boys regularly update their website and they're in touch with their busy mother twenty four seven on the phone each summer glau the children are the most important thing my only interests not play any role anymore and regardless of whether parsky has huskies win the race or not she hopes the competition will take place in the village next year. but called these dogs and the children it really is not the winning but actually just the taking part that counts.
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thank god it's going to be nervous new year for governments around the world is working these promises to publish more of a million secret files over the next twelve months releasing information it claims will affect every single country in the world the pledge came from the whistleblower web site's founder julian assange who delivered a christmas address to supporters of gathered cybiko door an embassy in london the speech marked six months since the sons went in there seek political asylum and avoid extradition you know ever since facing the rest of his steps outside of court a christian a half or so he's from wiki leaks he insisted the songes predicament wouldn't stop the site though from its drive for truth and transparency. well we know about the ongoing. investigation the secret grand jury you know sundry and there is.
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an ongoing attempt to find an angle to bring charges against julian and possibly all those working for we do so as a very serious matter of course very shameful for the obama administration not to stop that for the man who was writing the ticket four years ago to increase transparency and what we have seen is. the opposite which comes against whistleblowers. first the most and history will continue at work as we have done despite the difficult situation that you has been in the ecuador embassy you know for six months but probably it was your house arrest that hasn't stopped us we have continued to work. the economic blockade has not stopped us either even though we are getting into a dire situation financially but the battle that we have to cite it's. all out war and until we have agreed to there as well in the new year. checking out we're going
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to live through tonight a lot on off. like this one will some retarded libyans choose a coaching career others take a very different path well certainly the three times you did me think that having a very simple see second job in las vegas and you could tell you what it is you put it online now t. dot com. world watch out seems the dates of armageddon everyone thought about yesterday as a party in only being delayed when you thought the worst was over and r.t. the details of how and when that world could turn to dust it has crossed what. in spain on thursday thousands attended a mall. funeral march for the country's finances after a series of mass protests failed to stop
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a new batch of cuts what's been labeled the budget of hunger and misery includes some thirty nine billion euros worth of extra austerity investment advisor patrick young told us were drugs burdens a result of years of government mistakes the truth is there is no money to pay all of these nurses and doctors there is no money for this loutish government infrastructure it has to be privatized sold off there have to be savage cuts because truly spain has spent the last decade living on the never never it was built on the back of a huge property bubble the bubble was unsustainable nobody managed to manage start and unfortunately while we can obviously say it's a tragedy for the poor independent health care professionals there's just no way to manage to find the money to aid them in modern spain here is a government that has effectively and an overall majority they can do absolutely anything they want and they seem to be absolutely determined to do more or less nothing and it's really a tragedy because they're not helping the spanish economy under not helping the people either. britain is eyeing up deploy more troops to the gulf or is it
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withdraws its forces from afghanistan and prime minister david cameron said it would be part of a multi-billion pound weapons deal with the united arab emirates is also considering prolonging its military presence at existing bases in bahrain and catherine as well because we thought about this from patrick having said these geopolitical on the someone from london patrick evening now referring to its goal of presence britain's top military chief said quote should the need arise for another libya style intervention we will be prepared. what do you think the ultimate purpose of this military boost in the region and. well looking at current developments in the region they could be referring to military intervention in syria that would deploy air assets possibly a no fly zone as we saw in libya of course this was debatable a few months ago but looking at the degree day ssion of internal syria it could be
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around the corner in two thousand and thirteen but if you look they've more or less encircled the region so we'll talk about iran in a minute but syria is definitely within earshot of those states with those assets i mean the u.s. and britain together got a vast military presence in the countries surrounding iran you mentioned and then as we've seen this much bring up a map in a second what kind of signal. does does this send to tehran now. that the justification for this massive buildup in the middle east specially in the gulf states area the west is basically blaming iran saying that because iran is pursuing nucular missions so there's no proof of any nuclear weapons programs as such they're blaming iran for a possible nuclear arms race in the region that's a quote from david cameron only days ago so the in circle man of iran is certainly on the geopolitical scale number one priority and i think that they've achieved
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that you know militarily but you know the question is. is this going to be a real military standoff or are we looking at it from a cold war situation where we just posturing militarily geopolitically looking for some bigger conflict down the road perhaps in a few years i do these plans and go some way to explain you think the british and american silence on the police operation crackdowns in the gulf we've been talking about such a long time the gulf nations like bahrain like kuwait where the demonstrators accuse the governments of gagging the voice of the people yet and they report it often. well you know look at look from a military standpoint look at in two thousand and nine the saudi arabia deployed british jets british purchased jets to air strikes in yemen that killed many people so from a human rights point of view yes there's a lot there's a lot to be said about what's going on in that region particularly bahrain highlighted in a big way but you know qatar is very active in backing the syrian.
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free syrian army and some of the guerrilla terrorist organizations there as in saudi arabia so what we're seeing here is a massive return to power politics. i believe that there's also an economic element here with regards to the oil markets and the arms markets those two things go hand in hand so we might see some major moves in their own markets and also this frees up cash for the gulf states to buy more weapons from the west final full part trade with the u.s. and britain expanding out of the gulf to france saying a new major. could eventually take the form of. what you think about that. well nato has already expanded way past its original charter as you know it's the north atlantic treaty organization but they've got their footprint as far as. the central asia but you know britain's also signed the five powers defense range meant it includes singapore malaysia new zealand australia and this and also obama has
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announced a pivot to the pacific if you will so really what we're looking at i believe that the gulf states they're looking to arm them and pull them into nato and possibly might see a reformation of nato to become another name or another treaty signed which is a bigger military service organization a lot of critics say this gets to a one world army or world police force so certainly very worrying looking into that in the next year or two considering the situation with iran so forth and things take the time to be with us you political analyst patrick henningsen there live on the line from london. if you're. international news now in briefing start with amateur video that submerged in the immediate aftermath of an airstrike in syria let's take a look it struck a crowd in the central province reportedly leaving dozens dead activists say many
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more have died and that the attack was carried out by government forces there's been no official reaction about that yet the attack came as the main international envoy began peace talks in damascus aimed at trying to end this drawn out civil conflict that's claimed around forty thousand lives. hundreds of people have clashed with police in india defying a protest which followed the gang rape of a student on a bus dozens of people including several police officers have been injured the protesters want the death penalty for the five suspected rapist species tear gas and water cannons with demonstrators tried to breach barricades in the central delhi. drenching rains route christmas from april was supposed to be the getaway weekend just before christmas has left many stranded as floods ravaged parts of southwest england cutting off communities and cancelling trains home for the holidays is not over yet either sadly forecasts are predicting yet more heavy rain more than five hundred flood alerts have been issued nation.
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success against all odds some of russia's most outstanding athlete share their stories with us after this break duo you can stay with us. on the edge of human capability. struggling with a dream. layout to become first. in. why do we speak your language and not advance. your music programs in documentaries and spanish what matters to you breaking news
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a little tentative angles keeping the stories. you hear. to try altie spanish find out more visit i to allahabad. hold it. hold it hold. it. i. don't speak. i wish i. could bomb it good. luck.
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just sneak. in and. out of my mind i'm a little. since childhood america has always stood out from his peers he hates losing and has never missed a single training session he came first in everything swimming ballroom dancing. at the age of sixteen started to lift weights four years later he took on the bronze medal in weightlifting from the london paralympics. coming in third place at the olympic games was his first serious defeat. in the
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bronze medal for me was poor consolation because when you know that you really could do better but you could show a much better result of course that upsets you but i'm only twenty. those are my first paralympic games so the result was a good start and i must keep up this level and move forward to. avoid the i was born with a spinal injury when his mother was leaving the hospital they told her she had to do some special massages and he would be able to walk to help her son the dish to become a coach and adopted physical education every day they did special exercises hoping for a miracle however the boy could never stand on his feet to walk. it was very difficult
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i had stupid thoughts in my head when we were at a hospital with him i even thought of jumping out the window with my son ivan wished he was mentally handicapped so he would not understand that he could not walk but my husband told me think about what you are saying do you think you'll feel any better do you think you will feel any better. this is so we accepted the sad truth and began to fight. we have a couple of my grandfather saw it on t.v. . a vehicle powered by the arts and by it's a really special vehicle for people with leg disabilities. they used to ride it very often and he drove it literally everywhere but. the men he used his homemade hand bike to go to a regular school in russia children with disabilities receive home schooling as a rule but for his parents it was a question of principle. did not consider himself to be disabled who are in the us and i would.


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